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How to Make Your Dating Better


Even you had too much dating experienced in the past, every time before you meet your partner, you can feel nervous and need some helps. We will try to give you some dating tips to make your dating event better for you and for your partner.

You met your partner at one of online dating service and after a while later, you think it’s the right time to meet. Before you go to your meeting place, try to make some practices (not right Susanne) about the things your partner interested or the things your partner likes. Probably you know your partner and if you don’t know the things he/she interested in, then it’s time to learn . Make some practices and speak about it at your dating, this will make your partner relax, something to speak about and also it can open new conversations to speak about. You have to relax and show yourself how nice you are to your partner but all the times try to be happy. Smile can open all the gates if you know how to use it.

There are some statistics from the professionals that man who is wearing a blue color shirt is faithful. Don’t think too much about these things and be yourself, wear the clothes which you think you are comfortable enough. If you are a woman then it’s time to consider about wearing something red color which is the one of the most sensual color. If you don’t feel yourself comfortable, of course you can choose another color at your dating.

Don’t make it a big problem and don’t forget that it’s not the end of world, just calm down and be happy… Everything will be fine, if you think you are not attractive to this person, don’t forget that you can still be a friend!

First Dating Tips

In most cases, the first date can make you a little nervous and excited as well. This is very normal and you will learn how to handle this situation by reading our tips. We will try to give you some tips to make the first meeting good for you and your partner.

The first date is very important and therefore it is important to choose the best suitable place to meet. You need to choose the place to meet very carefully. There are different categories to choose from. Don’t choose places where you are all alone, choose public places for your own safety.

For example it is not a good idea to go to a movie on your first date. You will probably look at a screen without speaking to each other! You should really try to get to know each other at your first date.

Try to think of a place where you can have fun. If it is a busy place, it’s a perfect area to meet because at the times where you don’t know what to say there are other things to focus on. It can be places such as the zoo, a shopping mall, a sport event, a café, a party or a restaurant. Use your imagination to find a good place and maybe agree about a place with the person you are going to meet.

Don’t forget to put a time limit on your first date because it might be a good idea to split up again while you are having a good time and before it gets too much or maybe too boring if you do not fit each other. With a time limit it is also exciting to meet again if the date went well because there are so much more you would like to speak about!

It’s also important to give a good impression on your first date. For example try to not wear too fancy clothes which can take too much attention around you. Too much attention from people around you might also make your partner a little nervous or uncomfortable. It’s important to look nice and wear nice clothes.

If you get stressed, you have to relax. This is the most important rule. It doesn’t matter if you choose a nice place and you are looking nice if you at the same time are nervous and stressed.

Hopefully it will work out for you and maybe you will spend the rest of your life with that person…

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