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Is Your Stage Set for Love?

Recently, my friend hired a feng-shui artist to advise her on arranging her home to attract the love of her life.

“Where’s your man going to put his brief case?  With so many pillows on your bed, where’s he going to sleep?” the feng-shui artist asked.

My friend had an apartment filled with many things, but apparently with no space for another person.

What about you?  Do you have space in your home for love?  If your ideal man walked through the door…would he fit?

Here are two simple directions to Set Your Stage for Love:

  1. De-Clutter

Before meeting Lorenzo, I made a conscious purge of my home that lasted several months.

I cleaned files and deleted old business.  I updated my photographs and removed items from my ex.  I cleaned closets and left space for a new man to add his clothes.  I gave away or threw away anything that wasn’t beautiful, useful or meaningful.

This wasn’t and easy process and it took a few passes, but I did my best to de-clutter my home.

Do you have a bunch of stuff that’s getting in the way of your having a relationship?  If so, let it go!  If you’re not using it, someone else will…

And you’ll free your space for something new!

  1. Re-Design

As a single woman living in my single apartment, my decor supported it.

My artwork featured single women.

My furniture was old and Victorian.

And (embarrassingly) my bedroom looked like a sixteen year old lived there.  I had dainty flowered wallpaper and lace curtains and dolls on the bed!  What man was going to get turned on in there?!?

So I re-designed.

I replaced my single girl art with couples and landscapes and beautiful scenery.  I added a fresh coat of paint, a new bedspread and curtains to my bedroom.  I bought two equal bedside tables and lamps.  I removed family photos and replaced them with sensual candles and light.  And what a difference!

Now did this make a difference in my meeting Lorenzo?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What I do know is that I started the process before meeting him in Italy and he moved to Los Angeles the day after the final picture was hung!  Seriously.

I believe in the power of manipulating energy.  When you move things around…furniture, your body…and reframe your dialogue and your behavior…you stand to create different results in your life than if you continue to do the same thing over and over.

So I ask you…Is Your Stage Set for Love?

If not, take a risk on De-Cluttering and Re-Designing your space for romance and observe the different results you get!

For more dating techniques and to learn what to do and say in your relationship (so you don’t blow it)…Order The Role of a Lifetime: How To Star in Your Own Love Story Home Study Course at Loveawake dating site today!


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